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This is my Simming blog where I talk about the chronicles of my sims' lives (hence, the title). DON'T think that I don't follow you! I have multiple tumblogs in one account and this isn't my main one. There can be long periods of time where I don't post a lot but that's just because I'm busy with other stuff.
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The Chronicles of Sims



ok so every time one of my sims husbands die i keep their urn in this nice little crypt in her home but shes had so many now that i had to install an elevator and add another level so yeah its called the husband room and sometimes her kids wander down here and kinda hang out its really weird

thats her in the last picture asking out her new bf literally an hour after her last husband died

my life goal is to have a husband room of my very own

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I am in love with the walk-out basement of the new house I built for Ryan!!! Seriously, I wish I lived here. It’s so rustic and comfy looking, I just love it.

I was thinking about sharing this lot in the near future…

Looks so warm and welcoming <3

Future inspiration. :) I love houses like this.

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my life

So true!

This is true on so many levels. CAS included

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And more of her.

This bitch was walking forever.

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little preview of my christmas gift :P

*yea they’re poses xc*

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This is my fairy from this post & I got a lot of requests to upload her but never got around to it until now, haha. Her eyes are my default eyes & I forgot where I got them from x_x… Download file only includes the .sim file so be sure to download the CC beforehand!

CC: Hair | Skin | Beauty Marks | Floral Crown | Dress | Shoes | Heart Makeup


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Here’s some face shots of the new members of the Aster Household (and a bonus shot of Baylor because he made that face XD).

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Melinda and Melanie
Just grew up and will move out of home soon
Very excited!



Melinda and Melanie

Just grew up and will move out of home soon

Very excited!

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People are so artistic!

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